Sometimes B2B solutions end up affecting consumers on a widespread level. Adobe Primetime is a great example of this. If you’ve ever watched online video on your computer, tablet, or any device with a browser, then you’ve no doubt watched an advertisement online, as well. What, perhaps, you didn’t realize is that Adobe Primetime is working in the background, making sure that the ads you watch blend seamlessly with your content—and also that the ads are for stuff that actually interests you. (That’s called ad relevancy.)

We helped Adobe raise awareness for Primetime in the broadcast sector as part of a massive rollout effort for this groundbreaking platform. Our work consisted of animations, infographics, posters, responsive event support, and more. Adobe sets a high bar, since they are the standard bearer for quality design in the industry, but we accepted the challenge happily.

We applied similar methodologies to create a massive, interactive, mobile-compatible, cross-platform timeline that charted Adobe's role in the history of digital TV over the past several decades.

Everything we created was part of a greater strategy for the benefit of Adobe Primetime’s awareness. Seamless consistency was a high priority in designing each of these assets to ensure that all the puzzle pieces fit together neatly and that the overarching message hit home with audiences.

An interactive timeline used at events worldwide, this piece illustrates the pivotal role Adobe has played in the world of broadcasting over the last 30 years.

Today, Adobe Primetime has gained the traction needed to become a major player in the industry—it’s now being used by more than 100 major content providers, including BBC, Comcast, HBO, Turner Broadcasting, Time Warner, and Netflix.

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