We got up close and personal in an animation announcing the launch of the Alienware 13 gaming laptop. Working in lockstep with Alienware, we created an asset that spoke to the machine’s key benefits while also fitting seamlessly into the brand’s global campaign.

In addition to executing the design, 3D rendering and texturing, editing, and animation of all the videos, we crafted a captivating 60-second story that could easily be split into two 30-second media spots for further amplification.

To ensure that Alienware could get the most mileage out of the campaign, we created a 60-second commercial that could be broken into two 30-second ad spots.

The final product gave viewers an up-close look at a sleek, high-performance gaming machine, proving that whether you’re at home or on the go, you can have it all. At least when it comes to gaming.

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