VMware is a trusted, powerful force in the cloud, delivering technology that reinforces security and redundancy. The company also maintains a network of providers delivering services based on its technology. Consisting of more than 4,000 cloud providers across 100+ countries, the VMware vCloud Air Network connects potential customers with providers that meet their varied and unique business needs, from industry certifications to compliance standards.

When VMware approached us with the desire to strengthen awareness of and improve accessibility to this vast network of cloud providers, we jumped at the opportunity. It was a chance to develop a fresh aesthetic that reflected their new brand direction while directly engaging their customer base.

We started with a redesign of their website. For a site with a very clear goal, we wanted to make sure to take a simple, direct approach in prioritizing its purpose: to find the right cloud provider for your business. By reorganizing information and eliminating unnecessary distractions, we streamlined the site for clarity, delivering a clean, feature-forward user experience.

We covered a broad spectrum of design considerations, including mobile, touch, advanced search features, and user assistance. We ensured that interactions were use-case specific by aligning the site structure with the ways people arrive and leave and which actions they perform in searching for a cloud provider—all the while remaining cognizant of where the site itself fit into the greater user journey within an awareness campaign.

Next, we developed two explainer animations to bolster awareness of the VMware vCloud Air Network. We developed a full 90-second script, highlighting customer benefits, for use online and at events. We also created a shorter 30-second ad spot for media placement.

Today, the VMware vCloud Air Network has taken the next step in evolving its position with both the providers in the network and the audience benefiting from its service. It enjoys a stronger place within the context of VMware as a whole, and we’re proud to be part of its continued growth.

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